Ceiling Cassette / Suspended Air Conditioners (2)

  • Toshiba Ceiling Cassette RAV-SM404MUT-E 3.6KW

    Inverter - Compact Cassette
    Cooling: 3.6kW
    Heating: 4.0kW

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Controllers not included.
    • Lightweight for quick installation
    • Automatic air volume control
    • Air outlet grilles move automatically to fill every corner of the room with warm or cool air
    • Built-in long-life filter makes maintenance easier
    • Temperature Conditioning
    • Automatically switches between heating and cooling modes
    • Gradually dehumidifies the room to create even greater comfort
    • Low noise level
    • Individual louvre control
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  • Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette AUTG12LVLB 3.5KW(C)/ 4.0KW(H)

    Inverter - Compact Cassette
    Cooling: 3.5kW
    Heating: 4.0kW

    Rated 0 out of 5
    • The cassette units are extremely discreet with only the grille showing in the ceiling
    • Air can be delivered in up to four directions, giving the room an even temperature distribution
    • A highly efficient fan design, its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature distribution
    • Weekly timer allows you to plan your usage, helping you save on your power bills
    • Cassette units are easy to clean and maintain
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